Forever Flora- Coming Soon!

I paint flowers so they will not die.
- Frida Kahlo

I love this quote by Frida Kahlo.

Flowers in a vase can be enjoyed only a few days, but flowers in a painting... they last forever. 

It’s a beautiful sentiment right? 

This is what I kept thinking about when painting my newest collection… How wonderful is it that these flowers will be enjoyed for years and years?

In honor of Frida’s words, I give you my latest work:

A collection of small floral oil paintings.
Available 4/23/2021

I wanted to release this group of work in late April, just in time for Mother's Day, because these pieces make such special gifts. 

Wouldn’t it thrill your mom to receive a piece of original art for Mother’s day?  Wouldn't she love a painting of flowers that she could enjoy for years?

I know my Mom would!

Make sure you join the Collector’s List, so you can get all the details when this collection becomes available!

Thanks for reading!

~ Claire

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