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This summer I’ve had the privilege of doing one of my favorite things, painting portraits.

This young man is Harry. A couple of years ago I painted his big sister, Claire. Over the summer, Harry’s Mom decided it was time to commission a matching portrait of her sweet boy. We went with an image of Harry that best reflected his all-smiles personality:


I love how this painting feels light and airy because it works so well with the fun-loving (dare I say mischievous) twinkle in Harry's eyes.


Next, meet Jack. I grew up with Jack’s mom, so I was so honored when she asked me to paint her little one. I absolutely loved this image of Jack. From his glance off to the side, to his slightly raised eyebrow, this portrait captured Jack in a totally precious moment.  

Seriously, how cute is this guy?!  The slightly messy hair...  I just love it.


And lastly, I recently carved out some time to paint an image of my nephew Henry.  No one in my family commissioned this piece.  I did it to keep for myself. ❤️

I used my all-time favorite picture of Henry as a source for this portrait. He was pretty young in this photo, and I’ve always loved it because not only is it a beautiful image, it really reflects his personality- inquisitive, observant, and serious. 

Plus, I love that he was sitting in his car seat.  Yes, I know that a car seat portrait is pretty non-traditional 😂  but that doesn't really matter to me.  This portrait is all about the moment...  

It's like you can see his little mind wondering about where the road is taking him.  And every time I look at this image, I wonder the same.

Lastly, a side note in case you were wondering, I did not exaggerate his eyelashes. They really were that long!


All of these portraits were so much fun to create and I'm looking forward to more in the coming weeks.  If you would like to talk with me about commissioning a portrait, please reach out.

Thanks for reading!

~ Claire


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