A collection of small figurative oil paintings.



This fall I had my heart set on creating a limited collection of figurative paintings.

I spent a lot of time combing through source images and trying to decide on a theme for this new group of work, and finally settled on:


You see, I have a soft spot for those who play music.  In fact, I grew up with music in my life, studying piano for nine years.

For this collection, I focused on images of music performance, either on the street or on stage.


Because I think these musicians are brave, and I love celebrating artists in acts of bravery.

Each of these 12 inch by 12 inch paintings began with a sketch against a sap green background.

Then I built up each painting with loose dabs of color.

Each painting flowed and came together with ease.  In truth, that doesn't always happen in studio.  Sometimes the act of painting can feel very difficult.

Something about this work was special though.  The entire process felt smooth and fulfilling.

The result was a gorgeous collection of six oil paintings that look fabulous both hanging as a group or individually.

Hard-won Things

I look forward to sharing the full collection with you on November 1.


~ Claire